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Question: Top 10 small business idea

Local Businesses

We want to do business but we can not for some difficulties. Huge capital and more risk is one of the most reason of this problem. So, we can start our business with low capital and less risk.


Answer: by alal

02.Medical claims
03.Seminar production
04. Security specialist
06.Wedding consultant
07.Tutoring service
08.Personal shopper
09.Personal shopper
10.Remodeling contractor

Answer: by miki

1.Handstis cloth
2.Handicraft 3.narsari 4.dairy milk firm 5.cowfirm
6.poltyfirm 7.duckfirm

Answer: by shanta

1. Collection capital
2. Proper place
3. Proper plan
4. Budget plan
5. Discipline
6. Easiness
7. Controlling
8. Proper employee
9. Proper accountant
10. Proper management

Answer: by abir

I will write about the top 10 small business, in bangla Kutir shilpo, it's one kind of business, Tat silpo which you get in sirajganj ariea, mrito shilpo whick make by soil, etc

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