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Question: Top 10 Iranians movies

Entertainment & Music


Answer: by alal

10. Nahid
9. Unwished
8. Crazy Castle
7. Muhammad: The Messenger of God
6. What’s the Time in Your World?
5. I am Diego Maradona
4. The Sale
3. The Man Who Became A Horse
2. Sky Reaches the Earth
1. Taxi Tehran

Answer: by miki

Children of haven, A separation,The song of sorrows,The wild will carry us,Baran,The white ballon,About Elly,Taste of cherry, The hidden Half

Answer: by shanta

1. Children of Heaven
2. A Separation
3. The Song of Sparrows
4. The Wind Will Carry Us
5. Baran
6. The White Balloon
7. About Elly
8. Taste of Cherry
9. The Hidden Half
10. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Answer: by abir

1.Children of Heaven 2. A Separation 3. The Song Sparrows 4. Baran 5. The White Ballon 6. About Elly 7. Taste of Cherry 8.The Wind Will Carry Us 9. The Hidden Half 10. The Wind Will Carry Us

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