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Question: Top 10 events in recent time of the world

News & Events

Everyday a lot of events are happening over the world. From these some events are spread widely through the world.


Answer: by alal

1) US Election
2) Mayanmer Rohiyanga issue
3)India Pakstian Issue

Answer: by miki

1.jenocyde in Rakain mayenmar by army.2.USA president election 3.Terrorist attack in France 4.Home war in Seria. 5.ISS probler in middleast.

Answer: by shanta

India railway crush ,us election, china-miyanmer wear in border ,Obama talks about trump ,miyanmer army killed Muslims, india-england test match,Australian west indies test match,twilight show,Saudi rocket attack yeaman,helari Clinton mail

Answer: by abir

Feb. 22: Mike Duffy trial, year two
Feb. 29: Adele world tour starts on leap day
April 4: Saskatchewan election
April 19: Manitoba election
April 21: Queen Elizabeth turns 90
May 9: Transit of Mercury
May 26-28, Conservative Party of Canada Convention
July 4: Juno to Jupiter
Aug. 5-21; Sept. 7-18: Olympic Games and Paralympics in Brazil
November 8: U.S. election

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