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Question: Top 10 problem of computer

Computers & Internet


Answer: by alal

1.Slow computer. screen.
3.mouse not connect.
4.keyboard not connect.
5.RAM problems.
6.DVD problems.
7.power supply problems.
8.boot problems.
9.operating system problems.
10.hard drives problems.

Answer: by miki

1.The computer won't start.
2.The screen is blank.
3.Abnormally functioning operating system or Software.
4.Windows won't boot.
5.The screen is frozen.
6.Computer is slow.
7.Slow Internet.
8.Strange noises.
10.Dropped Internet connections

Answer: by shanta

top ten problem of somputer:
1.The computer won't start.
2.The screen is blank.
3.Abnormally functioning operating system. won't boot.
5.The screen is frozen. is slow.
7.Strange noises.
8. slow Internet.
9. overheating.
10.Dropped Internet connection.

Answer: by abir

Top 10 problems if computer are:
1)Problem in starting of computer.
2)Abnormal function if the softwares.
3)Appearance of blank screen while the computer is on.
4)Windows booting problem.
5)Freezing of screen.
6)slowness of computer.
7)Strange sounds.
8)Slow internet for extra cookies.
10)Dropping of internet connection.

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