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Question: How to do it possible to leading business without money?

Business & Finance

Capital is a vital element of business. Now a days it is possible to lead a business successfully.


Answer: by alal

it is possible to leading business without money....

to follow this roles...

1.make something
2.Resell something
#Drop shipping
#Thrift stores and garage sales.
3.sell your services
4.Barter to get what you need
5.Utilize low-cost services..

Answer: by miki

Open a webpage, youtube channel. Outsourcing, affiliate.

Answer: by shanta

By Doing cpa marketing,working ptc site,doing graphics desin,web development and many more others

Answer: by abir

Business it's a way to be reach man. no one can do business without money. but sometimes it's possible to leading business without money such as there are many private bank who offering us to take as a business loan. there are some works if we do that no need to invest money , for examle: fisherman who has no money but he can do his business by catch fish on the river.

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