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Question: What is website and why need to it?

Computers & Internet

Website is a portal where you can display any information, product and service. One can easily setup a business through website.


Answer: by alal

Website=A location connected to the Internet that maitains one or more pages..

we need website for many reason.....

such as..

for business, online brochure, more customers, business value, influence, time to show off,helps with business goals,low barriers of entry,24 hours per day,marketing, communications with customers, customer support, press releases etc....

Answer: by miki

a website is a collection of related web pages including multimedia is very important for us, it's so much need us for our business , information etc.

Answer: by shanta

Website is a place where we ca see any information of a company, product , country etc

Answer: by abir

Website is a portal where a employer can display his products, services and information. A website is always connect via internet. If anyone want to access a website, he must have internet connection. Today, modern marketing is mostly online or website basis marketing. An interested buyer can easily order any product or services through website.

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Q. What is website and why need to it?

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