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Question: How to make good education system?

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Education system is essential to get proper education. After all our system is not perfect to educate people.


Answer: by alal

To make good education system have to make sure qualifiet and proper education policy.

Answer: by miki

To make good education system government should take proper steps.Most of the teacher nowadays don't get training so they should be trained properly so that they can teach the sudent properly.

Answer: by shanta

1.Break the teachers unions.
2.Allow those with the proper technical background to teach.
3.Allow parents to dicide whice school gets their tax money and where their children go to school.
4.Discipline problemed children to be taught in a jail-like atmosphere with strict discipline and very close supervision.

Answer: by abir

1.To give proper step by the government 2. To decorate old education system 3. To increase public awareness 4. To arrange proper training of the teacher.

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