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Question: How to i can go to Cox's bazar

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Cox's bazar is a famous picnic spot of the world. Every year Million of people all over the world visit this place. It is a unsophisticated beauty of nature in a sea beach.


Answer: by alal

If you are foreigner, after landing in Dhaka airport, you have to go to Chittagong first by bus or train or you can take a flight also. After reaching in Chittagong city, you need to take bus to go to cox's bazar. There are so many bus services in Chittagong for going to cox's bazar. There is a place named 'new kornofuli bridge bus terminal', here buses are available to go to cox's bazar.

Answer: by miki

you can go to cox's bazar by bus or by air in every air you can go to shah amanat international airport Chittagong.. Then you can go from here to cxosbazar by bus..

also you can go in every where to cox's bazar by bus..

Answer: by shanta

you can go Cox Bazar by many way such as by Bus, By private car etc. but it's a long way so I someone wanna go there, he should go by bus. there are many kinds of Bus Services in this road such as Hanif, Shyamoli, Keya, Khalek, Sr Travels, etc.

Answer: by abir

From where you wants to go to Cox's bazar? I tell you from Dhaka. You can journey by bus or biman to Cox's bazar.

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