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Question: What are the importance of gardening?

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Gardening is a good hobby to many people. Almost every home who love gardening, have a garden. They pass huge time behind gardening. Because gardening has many importance to our family, health, individual and environment.


Answer: by alal

Gardening may be very specialized for our life save.

Answer: by miki

1.fresh mind
3.fresh environment

Answer: by shanta

The important of gardening is most wanted hobby. Many people likes flowers and they plough flowers. Flower is the source of natural beauty.

Answer: by abir

1. Source of fresh vegetables and fruits.
2. Source of different beautiful flowers.
3. Source of fresh air of a home.
4. Source of woods.
5. Source of beauty.
6.Birds residents.
7.Source of economic support.

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Q. What are the importance of gardening?

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