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Question: What is the importance of rivers in bangladesh

Social Science

We know Bangladesh is a river-full country. Every year these river flow over its banks and some times most of the portion of Bangladesh.


Answer: by alal

The importance of rivers are given below:

1. Depending on agriculture.
2. Communication with water transport.
3. Source of fishes.
4. Soource of hydro-electric project.
5. Source of fertile soil.
6. Source of Natural beauty.

Answer: by miki

the importance of rivers is very important in Bangladesh.We get fish from rivers we also can see the beautiful scenery of the rivers.Most of the rural people drink rivers water and take bath there so the importance of river knows no bound in Bangladesh.

Answer: by shanta

We know Bangladesh is the land of rivers.Many rivers are going in this country.The padma, the meghna, the jamuna is main rivers. Rivers is the source of fish and clay.Financialy river is the source of income.Rivers increase natural beauty.

Answer: by abir

River is very important in Bangladesh because most of our agriculture are very much depend on river . And agriculture is most prominent in our economy .

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Q. What is the importance of rivers in bangladesh

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