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Question: Top 10 famous stadium of the world


Sports is very famous form of entertainment for many people of the world. They visit to many stadium to enjoy game.


Answer: by alal

1.Camp nou (spain)
3.Soccer city(south Africa)
4.National stadium(Taiwan)
6.Ericsson Globe(Sweden)
7.National stadium(China)
8.Allianz Arena (Germany)
9.The Float(Singapore)
10.Sapporo Dome(Japan)

Answer: by miki

Top 10 famous stadium of the world are,
1-Ben Hill stadium
2-Memorial stadium
3-Sanford Stadium
4-Melbourne stadium
5-Texas Memorial stadium
6-Bryant Denny Stadium
7-Tiger stadium
8-Neyland Stadium
9-Kyle Field stadium
10-Ohio stadium

Answer: by shanta

1.Ben hill griffin stadium.
3.Memorial stadium
4.Cotton bowl
5.Rose bowl
6.Sanford stadium
7.Los Angels Memorial coliseum
8.Soccer city
9.Estadio Azteca
10.Camp Nou...

Answer: by abir

1.Lords cricket stadium, London.
2.Sydney Cricket ground, Sydney.
3.Iden gardens stadium, India.
4.Germany football Stadium, Germany.
5.Sharja cricket stadium, Dubai.
6.Abudhabi cricket stadium, Dubai.
7.Capetown cricket ground, South affrica.
8.Warngkhar cricket stadium, Mumbai.
9.Hamilton cricket ground, Newzeland.
10. Manchester football stadium, Manchester.

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