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Question: Your favorite some politician of Bangladesh

Politics & Government

Bangladesh has a prominent political history. This country became independent in 1971 through a political event. Bangladesh have many glorious politician.


Answer: by alal

1.Shaikh Hashina.
2.Obaidul Kader.
3.Khalada zia.
4.Motia Chowdhary.
5.Rowshon Ershed.

Answer: by miki

1. Shish Mujibur Rahman.
2.Mawlana Vasani.
3.Shere e Bangla Fazlul Haq.
4.Hossain Shahid Shrawardi.
5.Taj Uddin Ahmed.
6. Zia Ur Rahman.
7.Hossain Muhammad Ershad.
8.Shaikh Has inappropriate.
9. Khaleda Zia.
10.Zillur Rahman.

Answer: by shanta

Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani is my favourite politician of our history! He also Famous on Bangladeshi Politicis!! Then Next Politician is Shek Mujibur Rahman..Our God Father!!

Answer: by abir

1. Shekh mujibur rahaman
2.jiaur rahaman
3. Tajuddin shamed
4. Munsur Ali
5. Hamidur rahaman

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