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Question: Your favorite top ten place and country to visit


We are more fond of traveling. people visit across the world to enjoy the beauty of nature and different historical place.


Answer: by alal

1-Cox's Bazar. Bangladesh
2-The great wall of china.China
3.Liberty Island. America
4-Siliguri. India
5-Tajmahal. Agra
6-The British Museum. London
7-Wittenburg University. German.
8-The Louver Museum. Paris
9-Motherland Temple. Rasia
10-Imperial Household Museum. Japan

Answer: by miki

1 Himalayas - Nepal
2 Medellin - Colombia
3 Havana - Cuba
4 Petra - Jordan
5 Carpathians mountain - Romania
6 Caribbean island - El Salvador
7 Snowdonia beaches - Wales
8 Indian ocean - Kenya
9 Yala national park - Srilanka
10 Kolkata - India

Answer: by shanta

1.The Statue of Liberty,American
2.Liberation War Museum,Bangladesh
3.The Tajmahal of Agra,India
4.The Great Wall of China,China
5.The British Museum,England
6.Royal Library,Sweden
7.Calosiam of Rome
9.Wittenburg University
10.The Louver Museum,Peris,France

Answer: by abir

1. Cartagena, Colombia
2. Stratford-Upon-Avon
3. Mantua, Italy
4. Frankfurt, Germany
5. cox's bazar , Bangladesh
6. Sundarbans , Bangladesh
7. Bordeaux, France
8. Margaret River, Australia
9. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
10. Sydney, Australia

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