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Question: Top ten rivers of United States of America


America has a big water surrounding. There are many rivers in America. Most of the city of america is established beside the river or sea. america is surrounded by two big sea Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean. Atlantic ocean is situated beside the eastern part of America and pacific ocean is situated beside the western part of America.


Answer: by alal

1 mississipi river
2 colorado river
3 missouri river
4 yukon river
5 rio grande
6 ohio river
7 columbia river
8 arkansas rivet
9 snake river
10 brazos river

Answer: by miki

1 Missouri river
2 Mississippi river
3 Yukon river
4 Rio grande river
5 Colorado river
6 Arkansas river
7 Columbia river
8 Red river
9 snake river
10 Ohio river

Answer: by shanta

1. Mississippi 2.Colorado
5.Rio Grande
8.Saint Lawrence

Answer: by abir

1.Missouri River
2.Mississippi River
3.Yukon River
4.Rio Grande
5.Colorado River
6.Arkansas Rive
7.Columbia River
8.Red River
9.Snake River
10.Ohio River

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