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Question: Ten historical place of tourism in bangladesh


Bangladesh is a small country but it has huge historical and beautiful place that plays an important role in tourism of bangladesh. We should know about the tourism of bangladesh.


Answer: by alal

1.Ahsan manzil Museum
2.Shahid Minar
3.Sryti showdho
4.Shah Paran dorga sorif
5.Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar sorif
6.Curzon Hall
7.Dhakeshwari mandir
8.Dighapatia Rajbari
9.Rabinronath kotibari
10.Baldha Garden

Answer: by miki

1 Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka
2 Kotila Mura in Comilla
3 The Liberation War Museum in Dhaka
4 Somapura Mahavira at Naogaon
5 Shalban Vihar at Comilla
6 Ahsan Manzil at Dhaka
7 The American Church in Dhaka
8 Mahasthangarh in Bogra
9 shat gombuj mosque in Bagerhat
10 Central shaheed minar in Dhaka

Answer: by shanta

1 National museum
2 Sonargaon
3 National martyrs memorial
4 Trisal
5 Ramu
6 Shat gambuj mosque
7 The shrine of khanjhan ALI
8 The shrine of Shajalal
9 Shilaidaha kutibari
10 Mainamati

Answer: by abir

Ten historical place of tourism in bangladesh are given below:

1) Lalbagh Fort.
2) Dhakeshwari Temple.
3) Baitul Mukarram.
4) Ahsan Manzil.
5) Jatiyo Smriti Shoudho.
6) Shaheed Minar.
7) Dhaka University.
8) Liberation War Museum.
9) Mahastangar.
10) Kantajew Temple.

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