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Question: What do you think about Donald trump as a president of USA

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In this presidential election of usa, donald trump had selected as the president of united states of america. People saying he may be very aggressive in foreign policy. What are your opinion about donald trump as the president of usa.


Answer: by alal

I think donald trump is better for economic development of US but he is color contrast, and unrighteous.

Answer: by miki

In my view Donald Trump as the president of USA is not good. Because he has some bad records and he made some controversy. He is also anti-muslim. Native Americans are also doesn't like his personality.

Answer: by shanta

Donald trump is most deserving US president and hopefully he will reduce terrorism And economy level of USA will reach at top.

Answer: by abir

As a president of USA donald trump is not an aggressive in foreign policy because he is not start as a president yet. When he is start his job then I think should know the policy of donald trump.

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