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Question: What are the main threats of environment pollution?



Answer: by miki

There are seven threats of environment pollution are given below 1. Human population and pollution 2. Acid rain 3. Deforestation 4. Death zone in the Ocean. 5. Earth changes. 6. Ozone Deterioration 7. Species Extinction

Answer: by alal

The last major climate change was an ice age and the world is in the final stages of that event. The result is a rise in temperatures and the melting of glaciers and even the polar ice cap. Many highly-respected scientists disagree that global warming is the result of human-caused pollution any more than it can cause powerful hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, and even solar flares

Answer: by shanta

1) Earth changes 2) Deforestation 3) Ozone deterioration 4) Acid rain 5) earth warm 6) Dead zones in the ocean

Answer: by abir

1. Pollution 2. Loss of Biodiversity 3. Melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels 4. Oceanic dead zones 5. Explosive population growth

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