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Question: What to look before hiring a lawyer like

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A good lawyer will not only be a good legal companion. But he will also be a good friend to rely on in the future legal problems or negotiations that you might have. So it is important to find a good lawyer.


Answer: by alal

A good lawyer must be solve many question and easily presentation in front of judge.

Answer: by miki

We should look those things before hiring a lawyer: 1) He must have good communication skills. 2) He must have the knowledge of judgement. 3) His analytical skills. 4) His research skills. 5) His perseverance. 6) His power of creativity.

Answer: by shanta

1) define the problem carefully before considering a layer.
2) it should think if it is possible to solve the problem.
3) determined the immediacy of the situation.

Answer: by abir

Make sure that the price of the attorney is worth the case.

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