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Q. Why our skin remain dry in winter season? What is the remedy of it?

Q. What is search engine optimization(seo)? Why need to it?

Q. How do we can safe our lips from the dryness of winter?

Q. What kinds of badminton bat is good for play and why?

Q. What do need for good health?

Q. Why is traveling need for human being?

Question: What can we do for each other as human beings?

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Answer: by alal

We Can Do Many Things if We Can.Everything is Possible If Human Beings Do For an other Human Beings!At First We Need Always Good Thinks on Our Mind To Help & Respect other human Beings.So,We Can Be a Good Person To our own Mind.For Example>>If we see any Famished man who not eat foods and also in a pain So We Need To Help Him/Her.We Give him/Her Money to help.And The Most thing is Love Human Beings. Don't Care about what is he/she.(Love,Respect & Help Can Change Human beings Life.)

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Answer: by miki

1. Advice for good job 2.Helping critical moment. 3. Helping realization own's job.4. Educate to do moral learner

Answer: by shanta

as a human being, we should respect each othere and also should help each other.

Answer: by abir

We Should all consider each other as human beings, and we should respect each other.

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