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Question: Do you know anything about the car brand?

Cars & Transportation

I want to buy a new car in a rough budget. What is new car on the market currently? Please help me with this information.


Answer: by alal

Well>>Now in Bangladesh Toyota-Allion Cars are Very interesting.But Toyota-Allion Have Many Models and Also Have New Cars of a rough budget..Toyota-Allion A-15 is My Favorite Car.It Looks Very Cool and Awesome!It Has many Colour Like Black,White,Lite Blue,Grey,Red etc but Black & White Very Wonderful.Its also a rough Budget to buy a New Car.It Also Depends of you!

Answer: by miki

yes Toyota is known for reliability, but its cars have also been getting better to drive. That makes it a popular choice with both buyers and Consumer Reports. Its road test score is only a 72, but its well above-average reliability leads it to an overall score of 74.

Answer: by shanta

Lamber Gini, Pazaru, Toyta. Etc.

Answer: by abir

If you go looking for a rough budget new car Nissan Versa Sedan is best for You.

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