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Q. Nagarpur upazila union list?

Q. Kaharol upazila union list?

Q. Rangpur Sadar upazila union list?

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Q. Gabtali upazila union list?

Top 5 funny cartoon characters

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Answer: by RTtanvir

1. Motu 2. Jerry 3. Chingham 4. Haturi 5. Shinchan

Answer: by alal

1. Mina 2. Raju 3. Mithu 4. Moto 5. Patlo

Answer: by miki

1. BugsBunny 2. Goofy 3. Daffy Duck 4. Popeye 5. Tomcat

Answer: by shanta

1. Tom&jerry 2. Oggy 3. buggs bunny 4. loony toons 5. Mr.been animated

Answer: by abir

1. Homer Simpson 2. Spongebob Squarepants 3. Bugs Bunny 4. Eric Cartman 5. Scooby Doo


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